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Shenzhen Xinglong Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, is located in the Nanshan District, Shenzhen high tech Industrial Park, is a professional engaged in the Smart Substation detection equipment R & D, production and sales of national key high-tech enterprise (certificate number: GF201244200546). Attention to intelligence (in the field of digital substation testing technology research, from the beginning of 2009 will be gradually introduced various types of testing equipment, including electronic transformer calibrator, digital electric energy meter calibrator (check), with unit testing instrument, and wisdom to substation field testing and acceptance of the project provides the means and tools. Companies actively involved in the development of a number of national standards, to help power companies to solve some of the problems in the field of intelligent substation testing industry technology.

- SYN is a technology started the company, our unremitting pursuit of technology embodied in products of excellent performance, company's substation intelligent test series products has 26 provinces in the country get successful application, and successfully applied to the "China Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)", "Chinese Academy", "national high voltage metering station" national level institutions.

The company established a complete quality control system and after-sales service system, as of the end of 2014 the company engineering staff has been involved in the testing of more than 100 National Smart substations, for users to solve a lot of technical problems.

Company has won 7 provincial and ministerial science and technology award, the product has laid a good reputation in the industry.

2014 August Xinglong technology successfully in the shares of small and medium-sized enterprises transfer system (the new board) listing (Stock Code: 830924 and become a public company.

Syn can not develop without the support from all sectors of society, we warmly welcome domestic and foreign customers, agents, investors and our sincere cooperation, common development. The future of the company will be with the national system for the transfer of shares in the capital market platform, efforts to technology upgrades and new product research and development, with three to five years to intelligent substation test products to cover all aspects of the smart substation. Strive to become a benchmark for the field of intelligent substation testing business, for the construction and development of China's smart grid to contribute their own diligence and wisdom.